Until recently, there was little awareness in Indian universities and academic institutions about the emerging area of Disability Studies as a distinct academic discipline, which had taken deep roots in the Western academia.

Our Objective
The basic motivating factor for establishing the SDRS is to provide a forum for dissemination of disability, rehabilitation and human rights related recent issues/ developments as also promotion of better understanding about diverse aspects of the problem of disability from inter-disciplinary paradigm.Among the major activities of the Society are to hold national as also ....
Our Research
The academic contribution of the SDRS (under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Dr G. N. Karna and backed by a professionally competent team of experts/ scholars/ social activists) could be gauged from the fact that Dr Kama (himself a leading Indian expert on Disability Studies and Human Rights and the moving spirit behind this organization) has so far been invited to deliver a series of l
Events / News
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